Basic pricing is $400 for any 40 inches tall one block sculpture with local Pittsburgh delivery with display equipment and lighting. Services areas with deliveries to Erie, Morgantown, State College Harrisburg Altoona, Steubenville, Butler, Ford City, Uniontown, Youngstown and surrounding areas with an additional charge for a delivery fee., depending on the distance from the studio. Half block, 20 inches ice sculptures, are $250 each. Wholesale prices for hospitality industry businesses with monthly orders available upon request. Live Ice Carving shows start at $650, and go up depending on how many shows, and how many blocks we use. Call to discuss your dates, event, and budget. We pride ourselves in working with you to make your event that much more special year after year.

How long do ice carvings last?
Carvings last from 8 to 12 hours indoors and 6 to 8 hours outside in the shade depending on the season, Monumental carvings located outside during winter, last a long time as long as it is below 30 degrees. 

What about equipment and set up?
We supply display equipment with tray, light, drainage hose and drainage bucket, we suggest for you to order fresh floral greens and loose flowers from your florist to decorate around the base of each sculpture or use table clothe to enhance the appearance of display your choice... We set up 1 hour before guests arrive so there is time to decorate and setup up the station... and life size ice bars 2 hours before.

When should I order?
Try to book your date early with a $50 non-refundable deposit at least 2 months in advance with balance due the week before your date. Last week orders excepted with an additional fee for add on delivery persons. Pickups are also available from the studio with discounted prices. Please call to discuss.

How do I book my date?
To book your date, You can call me to discuss your special occasion and come up with design and price, then you can use your credit cards to book by phone or print out booking form and send in with a $50 nonrefundable deposit with the balance due one week before, so you can make payments, just include your special date on each payment. We will send you a receipt by email or regular mail or fax.

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